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*I endorse most of the flashcards but  I have reservation on some Salsa decks. Still a great resource.

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Separation Agreement

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Specialized Topics (under Construction)

Pain in Sex (Vaginitus, Vaginismus, Dyspareunia and other Pelvic area pain. 

While we will work on the psychological aspects of pain that may come from anxiety and association, working to treat painful intercourse can best be treated by a team. I will first want you to make an appointment with a gynecologist, but preferably a gynecological urologist. I also highly recommend making an appointment with a pelvic floor therapist to begin working on physical therapy and discussion of the use of dialators.  These are two websites that can assist you in finding a pelvic floor specialist.

Often lubrication is needed for a time if there has been pain in intercourse. One should stick to non irritating lubrication and stay away from intense lubricants or even the popular K-Y Jelly as they can  cause irritation or trigger the limbic system to think pain may approach.