Marriage Workshops

Invite Dr. Taylor to hold a Marriage workshop at your church.

The Created for Connection Workshop

The Created for Connection Workshop combines Biblical principles and the science of how to create a strong love bond. Together with Dr. Taylor, you will follow stories of several couples with different cycles of disconnection and hear how these couples stopped the negative cycle that was tearing them apart and restored their love bond. While this workshop is educational, Dr. Taylor will discuss when you should seek marital counseling and will teach how you can begin to grow your relationship.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Recognize the Underlying Reasons for Your Conflicts

  • Explore Your Feelings and Needs Underneath Your Behaviors

  • Improve Your Communication

  • Affirm Strengths in Your Relationship

  • Understand More Clearly Each Other’s Emotions

  • Learn How to Repair and Forgive

  • Deepen Emotional and Physical Intimacy

  • Learn How to Manage Your Feelings Together

  • Reach Toward Each Other

  • Be Responsive in Loving and Positive Ways

  • Move from Isolation and Frustration to Security, Emotional Safety and Lasting Relationship Satisfaction